Drive at 16 Courses

Drive at 16 Courses
Start Driving Lessons at 16
Price Duration
£40.00One & Half Hours

Pre License Course:Completely Safe 'Off Road' Driving Courses for ages 16 years plus at Westpoint Exeter.

Highway Driver Training is pleased to offer this special facility where you can actually start learning to drive at any time from your 16th birthday onwards. Also suitable for those who are over 17 but who would like to build confidence before tackling real roads.

You can book your `Learning to Drive Safely ‘Off Road’, lessons throughout the year.
The off road driver training facility at WestPoint Exeter is flexible enough to enable you to progress from moving off and stopping through to dealing with basic road systems.

We can enable you to experience driving a car in a variety of different driving situations.

You will experience driving in an `off road system' which includes a Mini Roundabout, Give Way and Road Junctions and much more!!

As your Driving improves you can then progress on to a variety of driving Skills.

The Highway Driver Training course comprises of:

Basic Car Control:
  • 1. Cockpit Drills
  • 2. Moving off and Stopping
  • 3. Clutch Control Exercises
  • 4. Gear Changing
Road Procedures:
  • 1. Junctions
  • 2. Mini Roundabouts
  • 3. Priority Systems
  • 4. Traffic Light Systems
Driving Issues:
  • 1. How the Car Works
  • 2. Breakdown Procedures
A variety of reversing manoeuvres will be included in your driver training lessons.
Skills tests are a great way to improve on your reversing and tight manoeuvring, as well as being a lot of fun. Our team at Highway Driver Training will focus on helping to build your knowledge and understanding of the driving standards that are required, by giving you a good foundation in all driving skills.
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