Mock Test Assessments

Mock Practical Test Assessments

Mock Practical Test Assessments
Price Duration
£25.00One Hour - Mock Test

Everyone knows that the most effective way to check everything has been covered in the run-up to an important event is to have a trial run. Mock driving tests are standard procedure for all our ‘latter stage’ pupils, thereby preparing and giving you insight into real test conditions, resulting in you feeling more comfortable and at ease, which naturally means you are far more likely to pass when it comes to the real test.

In particular, if you have been learning to drive with family or friends, it is extremely likely that any or all of the following may be true.

You may have:
Missed out on vital new regulations/driving techniques which were not taught when your family member or friend learned to drive. Learned outdated driving skills which are no longer in practice.
Learned bad driving habits picked up over the years.

Why take the risk? You are only a phone call away from a professional assessment which could mean the difference between passing and not passing your driving test.

The Highway Mock Driving Test. has been developed to replicate as closely as possible the real Practical Test, with a focus on feedback and planning, to ensure any weak areas are resolved.

You will run through a test route for 40 minutes, be marked accordingly and given a full debriefing. Our instructor will also help you with a development plan.

Benefits of a Highway Mock Driving Test:

*Excellent preparation You`ll know exactly how well prepared you are and we will quickly identify any areas of weakness to focus on for final preparation.
*Just like the real thing The test has been designed to make it as real as possible to ensure you maximise your learning.

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