Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

By starting your driving lessons you accept the terms and conditions laid out below and they form part of a contract between, you the pupil, the instructor, and Highway Driver Training.

1.0 General & Instructor Conduct

1.1 Your Driving Instructor will be registered with the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency and licensed to give paid instruction.
He or she will remain licensed at all times when they are working under the brand name of Highway Driver Training.

1.2 All of our instructors must abide by the DVSA voluntary Code of Practice.

1.3 Your Driving Instructor will behave in a professional and courteous manner at all times.

1.4 Clients will be treated with respect and consideration and will not be discriminated against regardless of sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability (unless road safety is at risk), or any other factor. We do however reserve the right not to give instruction but this will not in any way contravene legislation or be for reasons of discrimination.

1.5 Your instructor will avoid physical contact with you at all times except in the course of a normal greeting or in an emergency or a situation where the safety of you or any other road user may be compromised.

2.0 Business & Financial Matters

2.1 Highway Driver Training act as an agency between instructor and pupil. All of our instructors are self employed individuals and the instructor is the principle in all business transactions between pupil and instructor.

2.2 Any money paid in advance to Highway Driver Training for driving lessons will be handled by the company and passed to the instructor. Any money paid in advance to your instructor forms an agreement between the pupil and the instructor and the company will not take responsibility for this money. Your instructor is a self employed franchisee and it is his or her responsibility to safeguard money paid to him or her. Please ask for a receipt if you pay your instructor in advance for lessons and contact the instructor directly should you require a refund.

2.3 If you pay the company in advance you may be issued with vouchers. Please only redeem these as you take each lesson. Requests for refunds cannot be accepted unless any unused vouchers are returned to our head office before their expiry date. We are unable to re-issue vouchers under any circumstances if they become lost, stolen, or damaged so please keep them safe to avoid disappointment.

2.4 Any money paid in advance for driving lessons to Highway Driver Training or to your instructor must be used within three calendar months from the date it was paid otherwise this money will be lost.
If you need an extension on this please email
before the end of the three month period and we will consider this request in exceptional circumstances. Any vouchers must be used by their expiry date.

2.5 If you wish to cancel or reschedule a driving lesson you must contact your instructor directly at least 2 working days before the lesson was planned for. In the event of the lesson being part of a course you must give at least 2 weeks’ notice. Failing to give this notice will result in the money being lost for that lesson.

2.6 If your instructor needs to cancel a lesson and is unable to give you 48 hours notice then the instructor must give you a free driving lesson. This does not apply in the event of unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the instructor or company – for example (but not limited to) mechanical breakdown.

2.7 If you book a driving course of any kind and change your mind you must write to the company and enclose any study material that you have been provided which must be in pristine condition. You may be entitled to a refund as follows: If you give more than six weeks’ notice you will receive a full refund*. If you give four to six weeks notice you will receive a 50% refund*. If you give two to four weeks notice you will receive a 25% refund*. If you give less than 2 weeks’ notice you will not be entitled to any refund. *NB: Any monies paid out by us (for example for tests) will be deducted from your refund. We will also charge an administration fee which will be deducted from your refund.

3.0 Entitlement to drive and driving tests

3.1 You must be entitled to drive and hold a valid UK provisional licence. In the event of a banned driver training for a retest you must be legally entitled to take professional tuition. You must bring your licence (both parts) with you to your driving lessons. Failure to bring this with you will result in the lesson being lost and the fee being charged for that lesson.

3.2 You must be able to read a number plate from the required distance laid out in the Highway Code. Your instructor will check your eyesight but it is your responsibility to ensure that your vision is adequate for the driving test and also for general safe driving. If in doubt please see a qualified optician.

3.3 You must bring with you the required documents for your practical driving test. At the very least this includes both parts of your Driving Licence, your theory test pass certificate, and your letter of appointment. Your instructor will advise you if you need to bring anything else.
If you fail to being these documents the test may not go ahead and your fee will be lost.

3.4 When a driving test is booked (by yourself or by us on your behalf) you must check the details on the letter of confirmation which the DVSA will send to you.
Please also show this letter to your instructor so that he can make sure that he has the correct details.
Please liaise with your instructor regarding suitable dates prior to booking your test.

3.5 Your instructor will advise you when you are ready to apply for a driving test taking into account local waiting times. Please do not book a driving test without discussing it first with your instructor.

3.6 We will allow you the use of our vehicle for driving test with your instructors consent. Please note that in the interest of public safety your instructor reserves the right to withdraw our vehicle without notice if he or she believes that it could be unsafe to allow you to take the test.

3.7 In the event of mechanical failure on the day of your test we will try to arrange a different car. If this is not possible and you are unable to take the test then your instructor will arrange to pay for another driving test for you. This is the limit of his or her liability.

3.8 In the event of a driving course or intensive course we will advise you on your ability and whether it is safe for you to take the test. Please note that in the case of one or two week pass courses it may be that we cannot advise you of this until after the cancellation deadline for the test.
If this is the case you will lose your test fee.
We will however make every possible effort to ensure that you are driving to the required standard to attempt the test but as everybody learns at a different pace it is not always possible to do so.
If your instructor advises you to move your test date and you do not do so, and consequently you are not ready for your test you will lose your test fee.

3.9 It is the pupils’ responsibility to turn up for their theory test on time.
Please always double check the details when you get your letter of confirmation from the DVSA.
Highway Driver Training accepts no responsibility for you missing your test.

4.0 Complaints

4.1 In the event that you have a complaint regarding your driving lessons you should firstly raise your issues with your instructor.
If you are not satisfied with their response or actions please. Email:- complaints@highway-driver-training.co.uk and we will investigate your complaint. We aim to respond to all complaints within 28 days. 

5.0 Driving Courses & Intensive Courses

5.1 It should be pointed out that everybody learns at a different pace.
Your instructor will work hard to ensure that you reach the required standard within the time allowed and with the least amount of lessons possible. You should be aware however that it may be necessary for you to take additional training in order to be able to reach the required standard to attempt the test. If this is the case your instructor will discuss with you when they next have availability to fit in these extra lessons.
If we have to reschedule things, or move your test please don’t feel disheartened – everybody is different.

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